Psychiatrists Roll of Dishonor
As a psychiatrist, if you find your name listed, and you wish for it to be removed please submit the following information:
1. What statements of factual inaccuracies have been made against you.
2. That you were never informed and given an opportuinity to defend yourself against such statements.
3. Why you consider publishing such information is not a matter of public interest.
Psychiatrist Manilall Maharajh
Psychiatrist Manilall Maharajh entered into a sexual relationship with a patient, before paying her more than $35,000 and encouraging her to mislead the health and disability commissioner.
The Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal found Dr Maharajh guilty of professional misconduct, fined him and ordered his registration cancelled.
The tribunal heard the then Tauranga-based psychiatrist filmed a sex tape featuring him and the woman. He later denied he was in the footage, but the tribunal ruled otherwise.