Dr Poo and the two farmers - a story

The psychiatrist and the farmers:

There once was a psychiatrist (Dr Poo) who decided he would like to become an agronomist.

He had two customers he advised.

Dr Poo emphasized to both his customers, the importance of having very good seed with very good genetics.

The first one (farmer Dick), he could not be bothered to find some new better seed. He wanted to go off skiing and decided just to use the seed he had over from last year.

The second farmer (farmer Jim) listened very carefully. He borrowed money from the Bank and invested in some really good quality seed for his next year.

Next year they both planted their seeds.

Farmer Dick, well he had the use of his father's tractors and some of the workers from his father's farm to help him, and to advise him on the best way to plant his seed. Farmer Dick's father was always on hand to give help and advice. Farmer Dick's father was wise and wealthy, so he guided farmer Dick to install an irrigation system from a reliable water source.

Farmer Jim, he didn't have any tractors, so he toiled day and night to prepare his land for the seeds to be planted. Farmer Jim was really optimistic as he knew he had done the right thing by making sure he had the best seed with the best genetics, so if he had a bit of luck, then he would have a great crop and be able to buy a tractor for the following year and save some money.

Farmer Dick soon had his seed planted using his father's tractors and was able to go on another long holiday knowing that his father would look over his farm and make sure everything was fine.

Farmer Jim had to work work work, every day until eventually he managed to plant all his seed. He then was able to have a rest. His wife cooked him a lovely meal and farmer Jim felt very happy with his simple life. As he was watching the news, he saw that the forecast was for very little rain.

As the season went on, there was very little rain. Farmer Dick turned his irrigation system on and what little water that used to flow to farmer Jim's farm, soon dried up. Farmer Dicks crop was huge and soon he was using his father's harvesting equipment to harvest all of his bumper crop.

But all farmer Jim could do was to watch his crop whither and die, and he still had to pay the Bank back for the money he borrowed to buy the best seeds with the best genetics.

At the end of the year, farmer Dick had more money than he knew what to do with whilst farmer Jim could not pay the Bank back.

Soon the Bank foreclosed on farmer Jim and farmer Dick was easily able to buy farmer Jim's farm, a farm that had been farmer Jim's father's farm, and his father before him.

This broke farmer Jim so he went to see Dr Poo and said, “I thought I did everything right, how could this have happened” ?

Dr Poo took a deep intake of breath and said “Well farmer Jim, it is all down to genetics”...

Miles Dugmore 02/04/2016